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Introduction to the Art of Zunk

and thanks for visiting my own little bit of cyber-space. My name is Dave Zunkel, but most of my close friends just call me "Zunk" and this is my portfolio. I'm a Los Angeles based artist, designer and all-around swell guy.

I can't honestly say when I decided I wanted to become an artist. As far back as I can remember I have always been creating things - all sorts of things - following my imagination wherever it would take me or steering it where I was inspired to go. As a kid I would disassemble my toys and remake them into more fantastical creations. I would dumpster dive and collect artifacts from which I would make space ships, or robots, or the control the control room of a secret super-hero lair. I would pen comic books, craft super-8 movies, design elaborate costumes and on and on until I funneled and focused it into a fine arts degree working in many mediums - eventually gravitating to painting. Regardless of the work, however, art has always been about an adventure of the mind for me and the medium is simply the vehicle of transportation, whether it's analog or digital.

While I'm not making something, another passion of mine is spending time in the great outdoors: trail running, hiking, camping or backpacking. Every weekend and as often as I can get away during the week, I'm generally found on a mountain or in a forest with the occasional desert or beach sprinkled in for additional flavor.

My official portfolio resides under the "Fine Art" and "Graphic Art" tabs, in the nav bar above, while more playful stuff, unfinished work or process related art is located under the "Sense & Nonesense" tab. Have fun exploring my work, leave no stone unturned and feel free to drop me a note if you're so inclined - I'd love to hear from you.